Household Tip: Smoke Alarm Safety

Household Tip: Smoke Alarm Safety

If you follow the rule where you change your household’s smoke alarm batteries twice a year, (when the clocks “spring ahead” and “fall back”) you probably feel that this small but important task is now taken care of for the next few months. Before you forget about it for now, and even if you made sure the alarm was working by pressing the test button, take a minute now to double-check that your smoke alarms are truly fully functional by conducting this one easy test:

Test that the actual sensor that detects smoke is working by lighting a long kitchen match or a candle, blowing it out and holding it near the unit. The sensor should pick up on the smoke and set off the alarm.

With candles being so prevalent at this time of year, you’re especially encouraged to take a few minutes now to ensure your smoke detectors are all fully functional, and positioned properly for maximum safety.

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