Household Tip: Cooking (and More) With Cooking Spray

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Cooking spray is great for making sure your food doesn’t stick to pans, but don’t put away that spray can just yet!

SQUELCH THE SQUEAK. Squeaky door hinges? Simply spritz a bit of cooking spray to silence them.

DO A “GRATE” JOB. Coat your cheese grater with cooking spray for a smooth grating and an easy cleanup.

USE AS A KEY INGREDIENT If your house key is hard to turn in the lock, simply coat the key in cooking spray and glide it in to lubricate the lock and allow for an easier entry.

PREVENT FOOD STAINS IN PLASTIC CONTAINERS. Coat the inside of your plastic food storage containers with cooking spray before pouring in leftover tomato sauce.

AVOID A STICKY SITUATION. Coat your measuring cups with cooking spray before measuring out peanut butter or sticky liquids like honey, maple syrup and molasses, and they will pour out cleanly.

MASTER YOUR MANICURE. Help set and dry your nail polish faster by lightly spraying your painted nails with cooking spray. Once polish is dry, massage the oil into your cuticles.