Easy Ways to Elevate Your Home’s Style (On a Budget!)

These four easy decor tips will help you take your home’s style to the next level – without breaking the bank.

Every so often, it makes sense to shake things up in your home. You wouldn’t wear the same outfit every day, so why should your home stick to one look forever? Here’s four ways to elevate your home’s style – without spending a fortune.

Add a Cool Light Fixture

Nothing takes a room to the next level like a chandelier. These light fixtures are not only gorgeous, but add glamour to any room in the house.




  Dramatic Curtains = Big Impact

Ditch the traditional look and go for something bold when picking out new curtains for any room in your home! This will become the new focal point of the room, and is an easy way to add some impact to a room that needs a little something extra.


Just Add Flowers!

Whether they’re real or fake (we won’t tell!), flowers make any room feel more special – especially when they perfectly compliment the color scheme and decor, as illustrated by this gorgeous dining room!

Go Bold!

Want to upgrade your home’s exterior style? Paint your front door in a bold, bright color and be inspired to take home style risks every time you come and go!

red door