Kitchen Makeover On A Budget

Looking to breathe some new life into your kitchen? Whether it’s for your own enjoyment or to spruce up your home for resale, you’ll be interested in finding out how to renovate at a reasonable cost.

  • Cupboards. While ripping down and replacing older cabinetry can certainly give your kitchen an instant upgrade, it’s an intrusive and expensive venture. Instead, consider refinishing the cupboards or simply freshening up their look with a good-quality, washable paint, and swapping out the cabinet hardware with new knobs and handles.
  • Counter tops. Counter tops can be more easily replaced than cupboards, but there are cheaper and easier ways to change their appearance, including painting a faux texture on them, covering them with an overlay, or even tiling over them.
  • Flooring. Wood can be refinished, old floor tiles painted and laminate replaced, all without breaking the bank.
  • Appliances. Assuming your appliances are all in good working order, you may want to consider painting them with specially formulated appliance paint, which is available in stainless steel too.
  • Back splash. From ceramic tiles to stainless steel to paint and more, there are back splash replacement options to suit any budget and décor.
  • Faucets. Basic kitchen faucets can be easily upgraded to shiny new replacements – there’s always a kitchen faucet on sale somewhere.
  • Lighting. New lighting fixtures can completely transform the character of your kitchen, while installing under-cabinet lights is a practical and impressive addition.