What Will You Need For Retirement?

Retirement Living:  Here are some Things to Consider When Looking To Move

Older couple relaxing by pool
Older couple relaxing by pool

Are you getting Tired of all the upkeep with maintaining a home? Here are some things to consider if you are thinking about going to a Retirement Home..

1. Know ahead of time what your needs will be.

There are lots of choices when it comes to finding a retirement home if funds are not an issue, but it can be quite pricey especially if there are two of you. Not all retirement homes are able to handle different stages of illness.  Do some research ahead of time. The waiting list can be very long for some retirement and especially good nursing homes. If there is a specific nursing home you would like to end up in, make sure you get your name on that nursing home list now, before you need it.

2. Bring someone you trust with you.

When viewing retirement homes or future nursing homes, bring someone you trust with you. They may have a different perspective of your present and future needs. They can also help you remember what each home has to offer.  Bring a clip board with you, take lots of notes and pictures to help you remember the different options the home offers and where they are in location to your support system.

3. Review the Room and Dining Areas.

Make sure you are able to control your own temperature. Look at the amenities they offer you such as Cable TV, Telephone, Kitchenette, laundry services and nursing care if required.

 4. Check-out what activities they home offers.

Each home will have a monthly activity calendar. Check them out to see how many interest you. If there are none, you can ask that they start a particular activity. Who knows, there may be other residents who have similar interests to you. Talk to other residents already living in the home. Ask them if they are happy with their choice.

5.  Attend some activity sessions before you commit.

Be sure to visit the retirement homes when an activity or two is taking place, and use this opportunity to see how many residents attend.  Look and ask other residents if they enjoy themselves. If possible, eat a meal at the residence and ask plenty of questions about the meal plans, how they are delivered and how menu changes are handled.

6. Look around your surroundings

Take a close look at the building and the grounds when taking your tour. Make sure the building is being maintained and there are no safety hazards.  Is the ground maintained and inviting. Another consideration, are you seeing enough staff such as care givers, kitchen and cleaning for the size of the facility.

7. Carefully review your present and future care needs.

Personal care is expensive and one that needs to be looked at very carefully such as nail care and hair dressing. You’ll want to ensure its services grow with your future needs. Ask about 24-hour medical care and how emergencies are handled. Is there a doctor on call or who does regular visits? What about bathing and dressing assistance?

Though it may be hard to leave the family home behind, selling your home and moving to a retirement home can open up a whole new world of independent living — just give yourself plenty of time to make a the right decision, so begin searching really early, before you need it. Its helps your care givers if they know your wishes ahead of time. That way, when the time is right, you can make a smooth transition to the next chapter of your life!

Just remember  the future is never certain, the Mash Team can help, so keep in touch.