5 Window Safety Tips to Remember

As part of Window Safety Week, Andersen Windows shares tips to remember this spring as we let fresh air into our homes.

Spring is here, and with warmer temperatures comes the desire to open windows and let in some fresh air after a long winter. As you unlatch your windows and prepare to let in the aromas of moist air and reawakening earth, don’t forget to brush up on a little common sense and window safety.
The National Safety Council observes National Window Safety Week (April 3-9), which is a timely reminder to exercise a few simple safety measures to enjoy that breath of fresh air. At Andersen Windows, we have focused on window safety for decades. We also created “LookOut for Kids,” a program intended to raise awareness among consumers and caregivers about the importance of window safety measures everyone can take.
Five Window Safety Tips to Remember:

  1. Always close and lock windows and doors.
  2. For ventilation, open windows that children can’t reach. Children can quickly climb to window ledges and sills and fall.
  3. Don’t rely on insect screens to prevent falls. Insect screens are designed only to provide ventilation and keep bugs out.
  4. Position beds and other furniture away from windows. Don’t allow children to jump on beds.
  5. Consider installing window opening control devices or window guards that limit how far a window can open, but are also easily opened further in case of an emergency.

For more information on window safety, download our LookOut for Kids® brochure. The National Safety Council also has a downloadable kids activity book to make learning about window safety fun for kids.