Oshawa senior surprised with Christmas home reno after fall results in broken leg

Way to go, Dylco Builders Inc. What a beautiful thing to do.

Dylco helps Oshawa homeowner
Dylco helps Oshawa homeowner | Ron Pietroniro / Metroland
 OSHAWA — A local contracting company recently surprised an Oshawa senior with an early Christmas present, a free renovation that she couldn’t otherwise afford.

Joan Hicks lives on Taylor Avenue with her sister-in-law. Both women are widows.

“I’m not very stable,” explains Ms. Hicks. Two years ago, she slipped on a patch of ice formed by water dripping off her eavestrough. “Right after the last step, I just put my foot down and went under the car and I broke my leg in three places.”

Meanwhile, Dylco owner Dylan Resnick was keeping an eye out for members of the community in need. The family business takes on jobs in Whitby and Oshawa and for the last few years they’ve taken on a Christmas project to help someone in need. Usually it’s a friend or existing customer who needs extra help, but Mr. Resnick decided to help a stranger this year.

 “We had three separate stories of people in need, after hearing her story because of her balance, her broken leg, I said this is what we had to do,” explains Mr. Resnick.

“They came back knocking on my door three or four days later and said ‘I’ve got a surprise for you’,” she said. “I said thank you, Lord.”

A small crew showed up on Dec. 10 with the materials and the job was done within a few hours.

Eliot Resnick, Dylan’s father who works with him, said it wasn’t about the money, but about doing something for a member of their community.

“The bottom line is we were able to provide something for Joan and help her fix her house and give her a Christmas a gift from the bottom of our hearts,” said Eliot Resnick.

Meanwhile, Dylan Resnick said he’s hoping other businesses take on the challenge and find a way to help someone in their community, regardless of what their line of work is.