9 Incredible Home Exterior Makeovers


9 Incredible Home Exterior Makeovers

No matter how beautiful a home’s interior may be, if the exterior is in shambles, it’s tough to notice the decor. But don’t worry – a good exterior makeover can make a home literally unrecognizable. These 9 homes went from outdated to amazing, with the help of a bit of paint, some lumber, and a whole lot of elbow grease. In fact, if you weren’t seeing them side by side, you probably wouldn’t guess they’re still the same house!
Behold the Power of Paint
Home Exterior Makeover

 Ugly Duckling Gets a Makeover

 Perfect Patio Update

 From ‘70’s to Slate

Boring Exterior Goes Bold

Floral Fairytale Reno

Elegant Bungalow Facelift