Lakeridge Health Leads Province in Tissue Donation for Second Year

Lakeridge Health is celebrating BeADonor Month with news that the hospital has once again led the province in tissue donations.
While not as instantly recognizable as organ donation, tissue donation can also lead to a number of lifesaving and life enhancing treatments. Tissues that can be donated include: corneas, skin, heart valves, veins, bones and connective tissue.
BeADonor Month is a great opportunity to consider registering as an organ and tissue donor. To help raise awareness the hospital has lit the stack tower at its Oshawa site green in order to shine light on the urgent need for donations.
“At Lakeridge Health we care for our family, friends and neighbours while they wait for a life-saving organ or tissue donation. When they are unable to wait at home they wait with us, and too many are waiting,” says Kevin Empey, Lakeridge Health President and CEO. “We’re hoping our green light sparks the donation conversation between families and friends.”
People can visit to register, check their status or find more information. An old signed donor card does not necessarily mean someone is on the new electronic registry, so people are asked to double check. “It takes less than 2 minutes to register and save a life,” says Empey.
Fast Facts:

  • Last year 116 tissue donations were made from patients at Lakeridge Health, the largest of any hospital in Ontario.
  • One tissue donation can be used to help up to 75 people.
  • 1,541 Ontarians are waiting for an organ transplant today.
  • 9,809 Ontarians have received a lifesaving organ transplant since 2003.
  • More than 85% of Ontarians are in favor of organ and tissue donation. However, only one in four have registered their consent to donate.
  • Registration is voluntary and anonymous and your registration status is only shared with your family at the time of donation to affirm consent.
  • Tissue donations include:
    • bone donation used for facial reconstruction after a car accident,
    • heart valve for a child’s lifesaving heart surgery
    • the gift of skin for a cancer patient after a mastectomy