10 signs you grew up in Oshawa

Here are 10 reasons: Can you add to this list

Here are 10 signs you grew up in the Oshawa.
1. You’re related to, or friends with, at least one person who works for GM.
2. You remember when Oshawa’s official motto was “The City That Motovates Canada.”
3. When someone says “The OC,” you immediately think of the Oshawa Centre, not the television show about Californian teens.
4. You remember back when the Oshawa Centre still had a movie theatre and when they had the ugly brown floor tiles pre-renovation.
5. When you think of south Oshawa, you think of mullets.
6. You knew spring had arrived when you spotted your first shirtless dude of the season driving his car.
7. You know that Billy Madison (the Adam Sandler movie) was filmed at Parkwood.
8. Your high school prom was probably at Parkwood.
9. You know that Cuff the Duke originated from Oshawa and their song Rossland Square makes you feel nostalgic and oddly affectionate towards your hometown.
10. You’ve eaten at Teddy’s.