Add These 10 Home Updates to Your 2016 To Do List

How to become a DIY King or Queen in Twenty Sixteen!

If you and your home are ready to be your best selves for the New Year, these easy DIY home updates are just what you need. Hometalk bloggers have easy and amazing home updates that can help you get your best home this year. Add a few quick improvement goals to your 2016 resolutions, and finally enjoy having the home you’ve always wanted.

Add an under sink organizer
Kitchen Sink Storage
Image:Thea/Time with Thea
Finally make some order in that wasted under sink space, with a quick trip to your local Dollar Store. Pick up a few plastic baskets and mini sets of drawers, to create this clean, organized, and super practical storage space that will save you the headache the next time you need your cleaning supplies. (Directions here)
Put up customized wall storage
DIY Shelf
Image:Kaysi/Keeping It Simple
Solve your chaotic bathroom countertops with a customizable DIY wall organizer. Whether the clutter is his or hers, you can create the perfect receptacle for anything that’s driving you crazy sitting on your countertop. This quick build will help you quell the clutter from now on. (This is how to do it)
Refresh your kitchen backsplash
DIY Marble Backsplash
Image:Heidi/Honeybear Lane
For a smaller, more budget-friendly way to make a huge impact in your kitchen, replace the backsplash with new tiles, real or fake. Retiling a backsplash is easier than you might think, and it will make your kitchen look and feel brand new without a big reno project. (Get the how-to here)
Give boring closet doors an easy update with paint
DIY Closet Doors
Image:Gemma/The Sweetest Digs
Add a quick flash of pizzazz to boring bedrooms or tired spaces, by making flat closet doors look elegant and expensive. Just use paint and painter’s tape to give your door fake trim and get a major update on the cheap. (Here’s how to do it)
Make your own elegant curtains for $5
Image:Emily/The Wicker House
Upgrade your windows by adding ultra-elegant long curtains for just $5! The trick? These billowy beauties are actually bed sheets from Walmart, but they just look so good. Follow this tutorial to make all of your windows magazine-worthy. (Get directions here)
Add more storage to your tiny bathroom
Storage in Bathroom
Image: Kaysi/Keeping It Simple
If you have an unused alcove or even a free bathroom wall, you’ve got a chance to get more storage out of your space. Bathroom storage is truly a high commodity, so it’s a worthwhile improvement, and an easy one, too, if you put up DIY floating shelves or try this easy 2 hour build. (Tutorial here)
Create extra pantry space with a hidden cabinet
Can Storage in Kitchen
Image:Mallory & Savannah/Classy Clutter
This year, say goodbye to not having enough pantry space, because this will double your storage. Create a pull out hidden cabinet that has the perfect amount of space for all of your canned food and spices, and can slide cleanly into place beside your refrigerator. (Building directions here)
Upgrade your lighting on the cheap
Ceiling Fan Farmhouse
Image:Tammy/One More Time
Prettier lighting can change the look and feel of your space, and it’s so easy to do. Here you can get creative – you don’t have to buy something new if you can think outside the box. If you don’t want to replace your fixture altogether, this farmhouse style ceiling fan and light fixture upgrade can make a huge difference, too. (This is how)
Frame out your boring bathroom mirror
driftwood frame
Image:Susan/Living Rich on Less
Turn that unfinished slab of mirror in your bathroom into a high-end stunner, by covering the rough edges in an easy wooden frame. Once you have the pieces of your frame ready, you can stick them straight onto your mirror with outdoor mounting tape – no tools needed! (Here’s directions to do it)
Update your baseboards without major renovation
baseboard installation
Image:Karrah/Mrs. Do It Herself
Give your rooms a more stately appearance, by putting in new baseboards. The best part of this improvement? You can put in new baseboards without removing your old ones! This clever design lets you lay new baseboards right over whatever is there already, so that you can update your look without putting a large dent in your week or your wallet. (Get the how to here)
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