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Nest Learning Thermostat – Sexy & Intelligen​t Heating & Cooling System

NestWhat’s sexy about a thermostat? Well, given the fact that the Nest Learning Thermostat was developed by Tony Fadell, the mastermind behind the creation of the iPod and three generations of iPhone, and his partner Matt Rogers, the answer is: a whole heck of a lot!

What is it?
More than your run of the mill white boxy contraption with a boring old LCD display – or in my case, a giant radiator from the 1950’s – the Nest Learning Thermostat is quite simply one of the most technologically advanced heating and cooling systems ever to be made commercially available.

In true Apple fashion, the Nest Learning Thermostat is beautifully designed. It’s a sleek looking round wheel with functionality that is similar to the wheels found on the first generations of the iPod. The background turns blue when air conditioning is running and a reddish hue when the heat is on. If nothing is running, the display is black.

What does it do?
Once installed, this innovative gadget learns from your habits. In about one weeks’ time, it programs itself based on your personal schedule and temperature preferences, and then refines its schedule over time and as your personal habits change. While this is a super-cool feature in and of itself, the Nest can do a whole lot more.

Cool-factor featuresNest wifi

•nest-iphone.jpgWi-Fi Connectivity – By connecting your Nest to Wi-Fi, you can access it from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Through the Nest app, available on iTunes and the **competitor**, you can change the temperature in your home, check and adjust your schedule, see and change your settings, set your Nest to Auto-Away™ mode, and see whether or not you are saving energy.
•Auto- Away™ – Through Nest Sense™, Nest is able to determine when you are away from home, when it automatically turns itself down, and when you come home, when it returns to your personal schedule.
•Weather Aware – When connected to Wi-Fi, Nest monitors the current weather conditions so it can understand how outside temperatures affect your energy use, and heating and cooling needs.
•Nest Leaf – When you set your Nest to a temperature that is considered to be energy efficient, the display will show a small green leaf.
•Airwave™ – By turning off air conditioning a few minutes earlier than programmed, Airwave™ keeps the air cool, but saves you about 30% in cooling costs.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is truly in a league of its own. It’s sleek and sexy, taps into society’s need to have remote access to the comings and goings of life, and it’s smart technology equates to energy (and cash) savings. The only downside is its price. At $250, it is a little steep, but the potential savings in energy overtime and the fact that you will be the envy of your friends makes up for the initial outlay of cash.