What homeowners can do about Fall allergies

Fall is just around the corner, and so are the inevitable allergies that go along with it. If you’re one of the many thousands of Canadians who suffer from allergies when the leaves start falling and windows and doors are staying shut, then here are some tips that may give you some relief from your symptoms.

  • Invest in having your air ducts cleaned. This is a fairly affordable task that usually charges one flat fee, plus an additional charge for each duct. It’s a very worthwhile investment, because it will also help your heating and air conditioning run more efficiently, so the cost will be offset by savings. As a bonus, you’ll also spend less time dusting!
  • Clean out your air cleaner filters. Whether you have portable tabletop models or an electronic air cleaner attached to your home’s central heating system, there are air filters that can either be rinsed out or replaced with new ones to eliminate all the allergens that have been accumulating over the summer months when pollen counts are high.
  • Wash out your window sheers. Curtains and sheers are major dust and pollen collectors, especially if you’ve had windows open this summer. If you wash them in your washer’s permanent press cycle and hang them up while they’re still slightly damp, they’ll come out as smooth as if you’d pressed them yourself.
  • Give your pets a good grooming. Animal fur can be great culprits for carrying in a multitude of allergens, especially if your four legged friends love to roll in the leaves. Frequent baths and thorough brushings may reduce the amount of allergy-inducing irritants they carry into your home.
  • Steam clean your carpeting. Fall is a great time to either hire a professional or invest in the rental of a steam cleaner to do your carpets. Not only will it help to reduce the allergens that have built up from all your summer foot traffic, the cleaning will also extend the life of your carpeting.