What is Your Your Moon Sign to Find Your Well-Being!

As the closest (astrological) planet to Earth, the Moon has long been associated with earthly things, such as our bodies and health.Your Moon Sign describes your physical vitality — how much or little you have — and the things you can do to boost your own well-being. Each Moon Sign connects to different body parts and systems. Based on your Moon Signs’ correspondences, here are some wellness tips from the cosmos!Aries
Circulation and cardio health are especially important. Regular activity and the occasional high-intensity challenge ensures you stay on your toes and keep your blood flowing.
You tend to suffer from a slow metabolism, so regular exercise is important. Avoid sugars, fats, and starches as much as possible.
Gemini highlights breathing and the lungs, so schedule a regular yoga class or swim session to enhance breath work and keep your arms and shoulders strong.
Digestion is something to keep an eye on. Cut back on irritating foods, and enhance enzymes with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Heart health is number one for the sign of the Lion. Regular cardio activity is important, as is a diet low in saturated fats.

Simplicity and efficiency are Virgo’s signature traits. Apply them to eating as you opt for organic meat, dairy, and produce whenever possible.
The kidneys regulate balance in the body, so the sign of the Scales needs to keep these vital organs in good shape. Drink plenty of water and cut down on sugars. Participating in team sports, meanwhile, can provide a fun social outlet.
The ability to let go — both physically and emotionally — is crucial for you. Ensure regularity with high fiber and daily exercise. Digestive enzymes or probiotics can prove to be a great help for you.
If you keep your legs fit, you’ll also remain mentally sharp. Consider hiking or simply a daily session of lunges and squats to keep your lower body in tip-top shape.
Weight-bearing exercises help your bones stay strong. You’re all about structure, so keep your skeleton happy by including adequate calcium in your diet.
Keep your eating regimen light to ensure maximum energy flow. Irregularity may be a problem, so even though it may seem like a bother, a consistent exercise routine will help you mentally and physically.
Your immune system is highlighted, so you’ll benefit from supplements such as zinc and echinacea. Rhythmic exercises like walking or swimming supports your lymphatic system.