5 Hot Trends in Landscaping

 DSCN1950More people are beginning to view their outdoor spaces as an extension of their homes. These current landscaping trends show that people want more out of their yards than just visual appeal.
1  “Green” your landscape with sustainable features such as native and drought-tolerant plants and organic gardening techniques.
2  Pops of vibrant colour in outdoor furniture, cushions, light fixtures and woodwork complement the natural tones of your garden.
3  Enjoy your outdoor spaces longer by covering or installing screens on your deck.
4  A small water feature, such as a small pond or fountain, not only enhances your landscape, it also helps to create a relaxing atmosphere.
5  The yard is fun again with space for popular summer backyard games like Bocce ball and lawn bowling.
Keep your yard in top shape if your home is for sale. A potential buyer may overlook your home if they can’t see past overgrown shrubs and weeds.
Do you mow your lawn the right way?
• Let your mower mulch your clippings. It’s better for your soil, and you’ll save water and reduce your fertilizer costs.
• Keep your mower in top shape. Put fuel stabilizer in the gas tank to keep the carburetor in good condition all year round.
• Edging is so nice, you should do it twice. Use a horizontal cut in those hard-to-reach places and a vertical cut where the lawn meets your sidewalks and flower beds.
• It’s better to water less often but for a longer period of time to allow the roots to fully absorb the water.