family_with_signriderprevTop Six Personal, Social and Emotional Benefits Highlighted For many people, owning a home marks a significant step on the path to achieving the “Canadian Dream.”  

Investing in a home offers immeasurable benefits that reach far beyond financial gains.  When you purchase a home, you are making an investment in yourself, your family and your future.

  1. Pride of Ownership: Pride of ownership is possibly the greatest benefit of all when it comes to owning a home. The feelings of accomplishment, safety and security that result from home ownership cannot be matched by any other purchase or investment.
  1. Shelter: Buying a home is more than the sum of mortgage payments.  Shelter is a basic need of human beings, yet the concept is often overlooked in the home buying process.  Remember, a home is a place where one lives and raises a family.  Plus, it’s the only investment you can live in!
  1. Independence: A key difference between renting and owning is the flexibility a homeowner has in adapting a living space to individual tastes and needs. That means being able to decorate, renovate, landscape and add personal touches to one’s surroundings– without having to check in with a landlord first.  Home improvements also have the potential to increase the value of a home, making “independence” a personal and financial benefit of homeownership.
  1. Stability:  One of the biggest rewards of being a homeowner is the financial stability it provides.  Knowing exactly what your payments will be each month throughout the term of your mortgage enables you to budget and plan for other things you’ll want to do in life.  While certain factors such as real estate taxes may fluctuate in some communities, the bulk of home-related expenses will remain stable and predictable.   
  1. Community: When you buy a home, you buy a share in a community – a social benefit rarely experienced by renters who are often considered “transient’, even after living in the same place for many years.  Developing friendships with neighbors and feeling one has a place in the community fosters a safe and secure environment for oneself and one’s family.   Furthermore, findings published by the NAR, reported that communities with higher home ownership had better educational performance, lower crime rates, more household participation in civic affairs and better household health.
  1. Improved Quality of Life: Without question, owning a home has its financial advantages.  The true benefit of which is the improved quality of life a boost in personal finances can provide.  Whether that means having additional money to spend on necessities like food and utilities or being fortunate enough to afford luxuries like a new car or a vacation, purchasing a home is making an investment in a better future.