The Northern Birthday Box Challenge

The Northern Birthday Box Challenge

We would like to call on you to sponsor a child thru the Northern Birthday Box Project.

The Mash Team

This project was created to assist in bringing birthday party fun to children aged 1-17, living in remote areas in Northern Canada. Each child is matched with a sponsor who is given the child’s name, age, gender and party theme preferences. Boxes include cake mix, icing, and a few birthday decorations. The cost of these items can be prohibitive for many families in remote areas. The sponsor shops and ships directly to the child’s family. All costs are covered by the sponsor, including shipping. They match 200-300 children every month 365 days a year and the organizers of this project who screen recipients and match them with sponsors are all volunteers.

Visit the link above to see the happy faces of the children that have received their birthday boxes.

This is what The Mash Team put in there box that was shipped today. We would like to thank Ellen Rahm who was able to get our child a Hat and official hockey puck from the Ottawa Senators.