It’s (Achoo) Spring!

It’s (Achoo) Spring!

The milder weather is finally here — time to fling open the window and let in all the fresh spring air, right? Maybe not, if you suffer from seasonal allergies…

Whether you’re affected by hay fever in the great outdoors or dust in the great indoors, reducing allergens in your home requires a concentrated, daily effort. Here are some household tips to help you breathe easier.

1. Clean in an orderly fashion. And that order is: clean from the top of the room down, then dust, then vacuum last. The reason is because any crumbs and particles from dusting will settle onto the floor; vacuuming after dusting will allow any wayward dust particles to be sucked up, resulting in less dust in your home. Don’t forget that dust settles everywhere, so elevate your vacuum onto your couches and chairs and vacuum them regularly, too.

2. Invest in the best equipment. Use a HEPA filter on your vacuum to trap not only dust and other allergens, but also pollen and ragweed particles that have floated into your home. In addition, a quality air filter in your home will help to reduce pollen, dust mites and pet dander without any additional effort on your part.

3. Wash pillows and bedding regularly. Dust doesn’t just settle on the floor and furniture around your bed, it also lands on your pillows, blankets and sheets, so be sure to strip down and wash everything on your bed regularly to ensure you’re not breathing in excess dust throughout the hours you spend snoozing every night.

4. In addition to controlling the dust in your home, discourage allergy-inducing mold by regularly cleaning your bathroom and wiping dry the shower walls, and ensuring you use the exhaust fan to reduce the steam and moisture in the air when showering.