Working At Home

Working At Home

Between using your home computer, taking care of household bills and correspondence, and the necessity for a quiet area where kids can do their homework, it’s not hard to justify the need for some dedicated office space in your home. The goal in establishing a home office is to create a space where you can be productive, that also looks and feels like a part of your home.

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a spare room you can convert to a home office. To tie your office into the rest of your home, forgo the stark coldness of commercial spaces and opt instead for soothing, warm patterns and paint that coordinates with other rooms. Instead of buying a desk from a business supplies store, consider a roll-top desk, which will lend charm to the room while cleverly hiding your supplies and equipment.

For many people, space is at a premium and home offices must be incorporated into another room. Avoid the bedroom at all costs — waking up to a stack of paperwork is no way to start the day!

Thanks to condominium lifestyle hacks, sneaking a work space into a small or multi functional room has never been easier. There are tabletops that fold down from the wall, armories made especially to house computer equipment, small-scale desks that look right at home in kitchens, and screens that serve to hide workstations and separate work space from living space.

To keep your supplies and papers off your desk and out of sight, especially if your office space is part of another room, store your supplies and papers in stackable wicker or wire baskets, or in matching fabric or plastic boxes.

Corinne Mash

Being a full-time working Mother of 2 lovely little girls, I really get the value in multi tasking. And that is exactly what comes into play in most real estate transactions. Being able to keep all of the moving parts in order, to ensure that my clients are comfortable, calm and happy with the outcome. I have striven to build my business on the basic and time proven principles of truth, integrity and the highest possible level of professionalism. Those foundations are what drive me and my business. I am a Member of the Durham Region Association of Realtors - DRAR Member of the Real Estate Council of Ontario- RECO Member of the Canadian Real Estate Association - CREA Member of the Ontario Real Estate Association - OREA Member of the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario – ILCO. As a Law Clerk, I have a strong foundation of legal concepts and applications relevant to residential real estate including: land division in Ontario, the many faceted land registration system, surveys, title insurance, ownership, the agreement of purchase and sale, the numerous applicable statutes, purchasing, selling, and closing the transaction. I am Smart Certified and have kept up to date on all the latest advancements in the Smart Housing sector. I love working with first time buyers or clients with families. I have high regard for attention to detail, because, ultimately, that will guide a smooth transaction and make the experience a pleasant one for my clients. If they are happy, then I certainly am too. On a personal side, I am involved in numerous Charitable Foundations. I have always felt strongly about giving back to the community and love paying it forward. At CB RMR I am on the Community Committee that is charged with creating fun outings for our large client base. That’s just one more way of giving back to both the community and our clients.