Wintering a Canadian Move

Wintering a Canadian Move

Let’s face it, our frosty Canadian winters aren’t exactly ideal for physically moving from one house to another, but if this is when you’re scheduled to go, you’ll first want to take a minute to read these hot moving tips by TheMashTeam.

1. Contact the utility companies well beforehand to ensure the lights and heat will be on and functioning in your new house before you arrive.

2. Pack your electronics and fragile items extra-carefully, and ideally drive them over in your heated car. Some electronics dislike the cold even more than you might, while other fragile items get brittle in the cold and break more easily. Don’t forget to protect your plants against the cold too, and transport them in your heated car.

3. Make sure you put extra hats, gloves and even blankets in the car, just in case you have a weather-related delay.

4. Pack shovels and salt where you can easily access them so that when you arrive at your new house, before even starting to unload, you can shovel and salt the driveway, pathway and stairs.

5. Give salt and slush the boot! If you have lots of movers or helpers, you can protect your floors by assigning an outside crew to bring items from the moving truck to the front door, and then an inside crew to take the boxes into the applicable rooms from there. Also consider putting down cardboard or plastic on the floor, or even renting some industrial, non-slip mats.

The positive thing about moving at this time of year is that by the time the spring real estate rush kicks in and other home buyers are scrambling to secure the services of movers, you’ll be all settled in your new house, unpacked, relaxed and ready to enjoy the warmer weather!