10 haunted Halloween attractions in and around Toronto

10 Haunted Halloween attractions in and around Toronto

Haunted Halloween attractions in Toronto pop up every October. What better way to mark the spookiest month of the year than by taking a trip to a haunted house, castle or theme park? There are plenty of places get your scare on both in and just outside of the city.
Here are my picks for haunted Halloween attractions to check out in and around Toronto.

Halloween Haunt

This massive amusement park gets the haunted treatment each and every October, when 700+ roving monsters wander through the grounds and haunted mazes abound. New for 2017 is something called “Blackout,” which takes guests into a centuries-old underground tunnel beneath the park.

Legends of Horror

Take a trip to Casa Loma this Halloween for a truly immersive, next-level haunted house experience. Liberty Entertainment Group has transformed the castle into Legends of Horror – a nightmare of an attraction filled with tons of creepy creatures – all month long.

Black Creek’s True Terror Stories

This educational pioneer village in North York has stepped it up since the days of our elementary school field trips. For Halloween 2017, you can check out its new haunted escape room, various ghosts walks and a separate story series billed as a “journey to the underbelly of Victorian society.”

Toronto’s Horror Hallways

The 401 Mini Indy in Etobicoke debuted this new haunted attraction this year. It features a pitch-black maze for you to walk through and it’s supposed to be a pretty creepy. It’s not recommended for those under the age of 10, so you know it’s got to be good.


This event at Exhibition Place has been a Toronto tradition for the past 25 years – and it boasts some seriously terrifying characters. With seven main haunted house attractions, a magic show and carnival rides, you’ll feel like you’re back at the Ex – only this time, with hyper-realistic zombies.

Haunted High Park

Tapping into the real-life ghost rumours surrounding this massive outdoor space, High Park’s annual October ghost walk series now includes everything from séances to “Victorian funeral and mourning traditions” inside Colborne Lodge. A separate, less-intense version of the event exists for children and families if you’d rather not have so many nightmares.

Fear Farm

Drive out to Kitchener-Waterloo to visit this farm, which features a creepy hike through the woods, a haunted hayride and of course, a haunted house. It also has a a candy barn, bakery and grill on site to satisfy your post-haunting hunger, as well as a pumpkin patch that’s open late.

Spooky Lagoon

We all know that Gibaltrar Point lighthouse is haunted, but what about the rest of the Toronto Islands? A series of evening boat rides, launched just this year, promise to take spook-seekers on a journey through island waters, telling the stories of old sunken ships, diving horses, and other infamous local ghosts.

Nightmares Fear Factory

Billed as “the scariest attraction in Niagara Falls,” this legendary haunted house is best-known for the approximately 150,000 people who’ve chickened out halfway through (full disclosure: I am one of said chickens). You can find it at the top of Clifton Hill in Niagara. Just follow the sound of screams.

The Fountain Gallery Halloween Bar 

An art gallery/bar hybrid in the heart of Dundas West is going full-on spooky this Halloween by transforming into a haunted house. Local artists have been hard at work turning The Fountain into something reminiscent of The Shining’s set, with the addition of some truly creepy masks.

Lead photo by Jesse Milns at Legends of Horrors