Protect Your Home This Winter!

PhotoWinter is officially here, and ideally you’ll be warm and dry this season by staying one step ahead of snow and water damage. If your home needs repairs, however, where will the money come from? Let’s talk about your household emergency fund today!
It happens every year, yet some people continue to be surprised — and unprepared — for the arrival of winter. Whether it’s torrents of rain or mountains of snow that defines winter in your area, it’s not too late to prime your home for it.
The cost of a replacement furnace, a new roof, basement waterproofing or attic insulation can throw a wrench into any household budget. You may not think of calling your mortgage broker for this type of funding but you’ll be interested to know you may be able to find the answer to your financing requirements right here! Call now to find out how to secure the right financing — at the right rate and terms — for your particular needs.
Please call today if you, your family or friends have questions about budgeting for your home or anything in it. There’s never any cost or obligation, only the potential to make you even more proficient in managing your household finances.