Smart Home Appeal

PhotoHere’s a smart way to appeal to the next generation of homebuyers: incorporate home features that are just as tech-savvy as they are!
According to a survey released earlier this year, 68 percent of millennials believe smart technology is a good investment for their home* — a substantial increase from the 57 percent who agreed to that statement just one year previous.
What kind of smart technology are consumers looking for? Parks Associates, market research specialists in emerging consumer technology, reports that when given an extensive list of features they would look for in a smart home, consumers said they were, first and foremost, seeking home safety. Applicable “smart” features included technology to alert and protect homeowners from smoke, fire, gas and water leaks. Today’s technology also offers security features and energy management applications such as cameras, lights, locks and thermostats that can be remotely controlled. Homeowners can even incorporate built-in alerts to let them know when their kids arrive home from school!
Of course, the electrical systems in older houses may need to be upgraded to accommodate all the new technology. Be sure to talk to a professional electrician about both existing and future electrical needs. If you’re looking for a way for your home to stand out in a competitive market, think about outsmarting the competition with a technologically smarter home space.