Read This Post Before Raking Up Those Fall Leaves

Read This Post Before Raking Up Those Fall Leaves

Bring the beauty of fall into your home with these easy DIY decor projects.

Ahh Fall Foliage…so beautiful but also SO messy!
For those who live in parts of the world that get to experience fall foliage you can relate to the love/hate relationship that comes with the turn of the season. On one hand the beauty of the changing leaves is something we look forward to with the first cool breeze that returns each year. On the other, cleaning up our yards seems like a never ending task. Before you break out your rake and drag that pile of leaves to your curb check out some creative ways you can add the beauty of fall to your home with these DIY leaf decor projects.
Throw Pillows | Butiksofie
This DIY project is so incredibly affordable and allows you to create gorgeous one of a kind fall decor that is subtle yet spectacular. Learn How Here

Leaf Bowl | diyncraftpriscilla
This autumnal bowl brings nature into your home and provides the perfect place for small treats (like Halloween candy). Watch Below

Leaf CoastersConfessionsofahomeschooler
This project is an awesome one to do with children and makes a great hostess gift for any fall house parties you are attending. Learn how here

Leaf Wreath | DIYMood
Treat yourself to a warm welcome home from the moment you walk in the door with a dried leaf wreath (I know you are impressed with my rhyming skills :) ) Watch Below.

Framed Pressed Leaves |witandwhistle
Swapping out pictures is a great way to keep your home decor fresh and this project will give you beautiful decor that you can bring back each year. Learn how here

So there you have it, five fall projects that will leaf any auntumn fan happy at home. Happy Fall Y’all!