Spring Cleaning Tips to Spruce Up Your Home

Outdoor spring cleaning tips are essential this time of year. In Philadelphia, winter leaves behind dull surfaces, chipped concrete, and brown lawns. These tips will help you make your home sparkle this spring!

When you are looking for spring cleaning tips, you usually encounter advice to help you get organized, clean up, and reduce clutter inside your home. But winter has taken its toll on the outside of your home, too. These spring cleaning tips will help you get the outside of your home looking pretty in a jiffy!
Smooth It Out
Shoveling and salt can affect your sidewalk. Once the snow melts, it may reveal cracked, chipped concrete. You can fix this yourself with just a few simple supplies you can find at your local home improvement store. Check out this sidewalk repair guidethat tells you exactly what to buy and how to use it.
Wash and Check It
Winter may also leave behind dull, dirty surfaces on and around your home. Is your siding looking dingy? Deck looking dirty or dull from the sun? First, wash these surfaces and see if that improves how they look. If not, consider staining your deck or replacing parts of your siding. Doing these things now can help ensure that by the time cookout season is upon us, your home and deck will look great for guests!
Grow Some Green
Is your lawn more brown than green, with bare muddy patches and areas of dead grass? Now is the time to spread some grass seed so that the spring showers will help it grow. If you’ve never grown grass from seed before, this simple lawn-planting guidewill help you get started.
Make It Colorful
Are your flower beds looking bare? If so, brighten them up with your favorite flowering plants. And flowers aren’t just for the garden, either! Consider installing window boxes on the first floor windows, and plant some flowers in there. Or, buy pots of flowers that you can use to decorate the front porch or back patio or deck.
Get Your Hands Dirty
When you’re dealing with spring cleaning tips, you’re bound to get a little dirty! Once you’ve planted flowers, there’s still one more detail you need to do to make your garden look great. Last season’s mulch probably looks dingy and sun-dulled by now. Purchase some fresh, new mulch for your garden. Since fresh mulch is generally darker than older mulch, it’ll really help the flowers’ colors pop!
Add a Fun Finishing Touch
Add some details to your outdoor space that are fun and whimsical. Consider a garden gnome or outdoor statuette of your favorite animal. Hang bird feeders from trees, or place a bird bath in your backyard. Hang wind chimes or a pretty outdoor mobile. Light up your space with tiki torches or solar-powered string lights. The possibilities are endless!
Take Pictures
This is especially important if you’re thinking of putting your home on the market anytime soon. Once all these details are completed and your home looks its absolute best, take photos! That way, when you decide to sell your home, you’ll already have pictures of it looking great. That’s even more helpful if you eventually sell during a winter month, as people will want to see what your home looks like during the warmer months!