This high-tech apartment pod is the mobile home of the future

The “Alpod” prototype by design collective James Law Cybertecture, Aluhouse and Arup is rightly billed as the mobile home of the future.
Made from a lightweight aluminum shell, the flexible and open-concept living space is relatively easy to transport and can serve as a micro-home, holiday cabin, office, retail or exhibition space.
Alpod 8Alpod 9
“Aluminum easily adapts to different climates and environments, and its light weight also enhances mobility, allowing a home to be moved from one place to another in an easy and convenient way without dismantling or reconstructing facilities,” designboom quotes Aluhouse managing director Eric Kwong as saying. “Moreover, aluminum can be recycled, making it a green, earth-friendly building material.”
Each light-filled pod is outfitted with sliding glass doors, a living area, kitchen and bathroom, but no dedicated bedroom. The 480-square-foot interior also features built-in LED lighting, environmental controls, integrated kitchen appliances, air conditioning, and ventilation windows and skylights.
Alpod 5Alpod 2Alpod 1Alpod 4
Where land is restricted, the designers say multiple Alpod homes could be stacked on top of one another, creating a micro-living skyscraper, in which each unit could change its position within the tower.
Alpod 6
The Alpod is currently on display at the 2015 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, which runs until February 28th, 2016. According to a document on the official project website, an “official launch” is planned for 2016.