9 Budget-Friendly Outdoor Decor Ideas for Halloween

With a little imagination and a lot of repurposing, there are tons of ways to get creative on a budget. Need some inspiration? These ideas know just how to give you the creeps on the cheap!

It’s tough to say whether Halloween or Christmas wins the ‘best dressed’ award, but between pumpkin carving, creepy crafting, and mummy yard decorations, Halloween is definitely one of the most fun holidays for DIY decorations.

DIY Concrete Jack-o-Lantern

Image: Diana/Diana’s DIY Den
Use some of those plastic pumpkin candy buckets as molds for concrete pumpkins to decorate your outdoor areas. These thrifty guys will last from year to year, and they’re the perfect addition to your front porch or flower bed. (See tutorial here)
Turn TP Rolls into Spooky Candles
Image: Nancy/Our Peaceful Planet
Start collecting empty toilet paper rolls, or cut up some longer paper towel rolls, to create these dark and drippy Halloween candles, perfect for adding a spooky glow to your mantel, tablescape, or porch. (Get directions here)
Create an Impressive Archway from Plastic Pumpkin Buckets
Image: Vanessa/Tried & True
Head to your local Dollar Store and stock up on cheap pumpkin buckets, to make this elegant Halloween archway, that will brighten up your yard, impress your neighbors, and spook trick-or-treaters. This easy and inexpensive idea is sure to make a huge impact! (See tutorial here)
K-Cup Lights
Image: Kim/The Kim Six Fix
Finally – a way to reuse your empty K-cups! All you have to do is rinse them out and decorate them with vinyl jack-o-lantern faces (or DIY your own with a Sharpie). Then, it’s as simple as adding them to a string of LED lights and hanging them up for all to admire. (Get the how-to here)
Add a Ghoulish Grin to an Old Book
Grab a yellow-paged hardcover book from your basement and use a sharp knife to cut out a ghoulish face full of creepy character. It’s a bit of work, but just place this ghastly guy on your patio bench or in the middle of your Halloween table, and it’ll totally be worth it! (See tutorial here)
Cover Your Lawn in Easy Floating Ghosts
Image: Jessi/Practically Functional
Using pieces of gauzy fabric, wooden dowels, and styrofoam balls, create ghostly lawn ornaments that are sure to creep out passers-by and add some chilling charm to your home. Add to the effect by hiding your ghosts behind trees or peeking out from between bushes! (Get directions here)
Wrap Up Some Mason Jar Mummies
Image: Barb/The Everyday Home
Take a five minute decorating break to turn empty glass jars into easy mummy lanterns. Just wrap them in gauze, add wide googly eyes, and fill each one with a tea light or electric candle, to give your home a ghoulish glow this holiday. (See tutorial here)
Make a Candy Corn Wreath from Coffee Filters
Image: Kelly/Typically Simple
Dye a pack of coffee filters in candy corn colors, for this bright fall wreath that will welcome trick-or-treaters to your door. This quick craft is easy to make and fun to look at — just make sure not to taste it! (Get directions here)
Turn Old (Clean) Socks into Plush Pumpkins
Image: Sabine/Mom in Music City
Turn last year’s cozy cable-knit socks into this year’s plush pumpkins, with just a few simple steps. To complete the rustic fall look, gather some sticks from your yard and add realistic stems to each of your comfy creations. (See tutorial here)
Pack your home and garden with even more creepy decor ideas and have fun!