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Whitby mayor’s fund contributes $25,000 to hospital dialysis program

Hemo Dialysis 015

WHITBY — A major funding investment is being made in support of life-saving dialysis technology at Lakeridge Health Whitby.

The Whitby Mayor’s Community Development Fund is donating $25,000 to the cause. On Sept. 24, Mayor Don Mitchell and local councillors will meet with representatives of Lakeridge Health Foundation and dialysis staff and patients at the hospital to learn how the technology works.

Every year, the community development fund uses net revenue from the annual mayor’s golf tournament to support a lead cause or charity and provide funding to other initiatives that benefit Whitby residents.

Lakeridge Health Whitby at 300 Gordon St. offers specialty services in dialysis, palliative care, and other long-term needs. Dialysis treats people in the later stage of chronic kidney disease by cleaning the blood and removing wastes and excess water from the body, which is normally done by a healthy kidney. In hemodialysis, the blood is passed through an artificial kidney machine to cleanse it.