Tiny Alberta town sells out of $10 lots – BNN News

I wonder How Many People will actually move here.
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Tiny Alberta town sells out of $10 lots – BNN News.
A village in Alberta that offered fully-serviced residential lots for “$10 or best offer” has sold them all in less than two days.
Delia, Alta. – pop. 186 – offered the deep discount on 15 lots last week in the hopes that new people will move to the town, build houses, pay property taxes and populate its little school.
After the town’s mayor Dawn Bancroft pitched the proposal on Friday, she received hundreds of phone calls and commitments from at least 15 buyers who agreed to put down $1,000 deposits for the lots.
The town plans to return $990 to each buyer once they break ground.
In addition to affordable property, Delia has credit unions, restaurants, an ice rink and a “slower pace.”
“You can just sit back and relax,” according to Bancroft.
The village was so overwhelmed by the response that it is considering offering 20 more lots for sale.
Delia is in located in central Alberta, about a half-hour drive from Drumheller (pop. 8,000) and two hours by car from Calgary.