Ideas that could foster positive vibes throughout your home


Creating Peaceful Zones within your Home

I’m constantly walking around my home asking if it’s happy? Does anything need to move or be donated to someone else who would love it more? I think it’s a good ritual to keep me connected to home but more importantly to ensure that everything surrounding me in my home doesn’t end up creating a negative atmosphere. Here are some suggestions to further enhance the Zen in your home beyond your meditation space or yoga spot.
Room to Breathe. Dedicate a weekend to go through closets, cabinets, bookshelves, storage bins – anywhere you tuck away stuff thinking you’ll need or want it one day – and purge. Who needs the last eight months of those magazines or a bin of toys that the kids have outgrown? The old adage applies here – if you haven’t used it in the last six months, donate it.
Color Enhancements. I lean on the Fung Shui color chart to decide which room gets a certain touch of a particular color. For instance, for my bedroom, which is located in the skills and knowledge bagua/area of my home, I decided to purchase a new bedspread that is predominately blue. I also found some great secondhand blue glass vases.
A Room with a View. Take a moment and sit in each room in the house. What’s on the walls? If there is nothing, then think about adding some inspiring art or mirrors to keep the energy bouncing around the space. If what’s looking back at you are pictures or symbols of things you don’t want in your life, add those to your donation pile.
Missing Elements. Another way to creating a Zen vibe is incorporating the five elements – earth, metal, water, wood and fire – throughout your home. Here are some suggestions for each element that are inexpensive and can be easily incorporated into your home:

  • Earth: Houseplants in a clay pot, a bowl of fruit, landscape art
  • Metal: Bell, picture frames, jar of coins
  • Water: Seashells, mirror, glass vase
  • Wood: A green throw blanket, a wooden bowl filled with pinecones
  • Fire: Candles, incense next to a book of matches