SMALL SPACE MAKEOVER: Eight Ways to Create a Fabulous Powder Room

#1 Add crown is such a small space, the investment is not large, but the effect
#2 Invest in a light fixture which will make a bold statement…it will set the tone.
#3 Install a custom mirror from the counter to the ceiling. In this case, the counter is wall to wall, so the mirror encompasses the whole wall. This will incredibly open up the space and add a glamorous touch.
#4 I like wallpaper in powder rooms because at any one time, you are so close to the walls, it is nice to see some texture or pattern rather than a plain painted wall.
#5 I like to use a banjo style countertop whenever I expands the space as well as functionality.
#6 Always have flowers in your powder room.
#7 A decorative vanity with a super knob or pull will define your look.
#8 This is where you can put a special faucet…it will work with the light fixture like jewelry to add sparkle and style.