Durham gardeners may want to wait before planting their gardens

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DURHAM — With the May long weekend falling a week early, many gardeners are wondering whether they should wait to put their garden in.

North Durham was under a frost warning on May 13 and next week temperatures were expected to drop to about 5 C overnight mid-week.

Oshawa’s greenhouse foreman Charlie Samms said his team will start planting annuals next week throughout the city and said he believes most plants will be fine especially if they’re in somewhat sheltered areas near houses.

When it comes to vegetables, the Durham Master Gardeners say it depends on what you’re planting.

Cold weather plants like spinach, broccoli and kale should be just fine. However it may be best to wait a week to plant warmth-loving plants like tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and basil. Even if they don’t die from frost, those plants thrive in Mediterranean-type climates and they won’t thrive until the soil and temperatures warm up.

For more on gardening check out our gardening video series on www.durhamregion.com and your local newspaper next week when we’ll have a primer on vegetable gardening on Wednesday, May 20 followed by a guide to perennials on May 27.