World hunger week – May 5-9 Get Involved

Hunger Awareness Week is about raising awareness of the solvable problem of hunger in Canada. Food banks across the country hold events to tell the story of the work they do, and the stories of hungry Canadians assisted by food banks.
Food Banks Canada, along with its provincial members and food banks across the country, are asking all Canadians to mark Hunger Awareness Week – to make a positive impact on the issue of hunger across the country.
Get Involved by Donating or Volunteering at the Centre:
Click Here: New Life Neighbourhood Centre
Think world #hunger is just a fact of life? Think again.
Start with #women, mobilise everyone, engage government. It is time to rethink world hunger.
The Hunger Project started in 1977 with a bold new vision: the end of hunger was achievable. Three decades later, 70% fewer children are dying from hunger related causes. The end of world hunger is not only possible–it is now within reach.