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Basis uses 4 sensors including heart rate and activity to take automatically paint a more comprehensive picture of your Fitness (run/bike/walk/calories/steps), Sleep (REM/Deep/Light plus toss &3487007_sa turn) and Stress (continuous HR) levels.

With 4+ sensors compared to most single-sensor devices, Basis paints a more scientific picture of your health, tracking heart rate, motion, temperature & more.

Seriously Smart

  • Our Body IQ technology takes the hassle out of tracking and simplifies all that data into simple metrics for fitness, sleep and stress. All you have to do is wear Basis. It does all the work.

Get Fit: Auto-Tracks Your Favorite Activities

  • Body IQ automatically detects your favorite activities like walking, running and outdoor biking in real-time on your wrist. It also gives you the right caloric burn credit for those activities.

Sleep Better: Advanced Sleep Analysis

  • Body IQ delivers real sleep analysis with Deep / REM / Light sleep, toss & turn, Sleep Score and Interruptions. No ‘modes’ to set – Basis automatically figures all this out.

Stress Less: Heart Rate On Your Wrist

  • Feeling stressed? Elevated heart rate (viewable on your wrist) could be a clue. A quick breathing exercise can easily help you keep cool under pressure and be mindful.

Track Goals & Build Healthy Habits

  • All of the data in the world does you no good if you can’t act on it. Basis helps you incorporate small changes into your daily routine that have a powerful impact on your health.

Backlit Display

  • Makes real-time metrics like running, biking, walking, heart rate and goal progress easy to view on your wrist. A quick flick of your wrist automatically turns the backlight on.

Personalized Dashboard

  • View your personalized dashboard by syncing wirelessly with select Android and iOS smartphones, or via USB with your PC or Mac.

Sleek And Comfortable

  • The Carbon Steel Edition combines polished stainless steel couplers and non-reactive silicone straps for a sleek look and comfortable feel.

Change The Look

  • Available accessories (not included), allow you to customize the look and feel of the health tracker.

Free Software Upgrades Basis continuously updates its software and adds functionality to your experience, much of which is included for free in your purchase.
Does Not Replace Your Workout Heart Rate Monitor

  • Basis is designed to track your health over time using multiple sensors. It complements workout-focused heart rate monitors with chest straps which are for high-intensity workouts.