2014 bathroom design trends

The five hottest trends to introduce into your bathroom design in 2014.

2014 bathroom design trends

Black in bathrooms

As the place to enjoy some quiet time getting ready in the morning and the space we retreat to at the end of the day for a soak in the tub, the bathroom is a hub of activity in any home. Whether your bathroom needs a few updates or a complete overhaul, keeping the space up to snuff is one of the best investments you can make in your home, and 2014 is all about seamlessness, functionality and bold accents. Erin Feasby of Toronto design firm Feasby & Bleeks shares the hottest trends in bathroom design for 2014, from flooring to showers to lighting, with tips on how to integrate each into your own space.
1 Black in bathrooms in faucets, tubs, lighting and tile
If you’re looking for a bold contrast to an otherwise neutral bathroom decor, introduce hits of black in your faucets, tubs, lighting and tile. The addition of this deep, dramatic hue keeps white bathrooms from looking too sterile and common. “There is a bit of modern industrial style at play here in combination with highlighting and showcasing beautiful shapes,” says Erin. “The curves of the faucets, tubs and lights become much more of a focal point when set against these white backdrops.”

Matte tiles

2 Matte tiles in greiges and pale shades of neutral
The all-white bathroom is a timeless, classic look, but for those interested in a bathroom style with a bit more character, Erin suggests introducing neutral matte tiles into your design. “There are so many incredible tiles available now in the soft, powdery matte finish of natural concrete in shades ranging from the palest of greys to off-blacks,” says Erin. Try these tiles underfoot or perhaps lining the walls of your shower.

Curbless showers

3 Curbless showers
When it comes to showers in 2014, the trend is a continuous, seamless look. Flooring that runs right into the shower, rather than having to stop it at the shower curb, offers a clean, beautiful approach to bathroom design – especially when featured in a smaller space. “There are also some incredibly sleek and chic floor drains that run along under the glass, rather than in the centre of the shower,” says Erin. “It’s those sort of details that make up an entirely decorative and functional space.”

Bathroom ledges

Photo by Virginia Macdonald
4 Ledges in showers, behind vanities and freestanding tubs
In general, planning ahead for storage and practical use of the bathroom is a trend that should never go out of style. For 2014, however, designers are getting creative in using every square inch of space in a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing way. “In addition to building in medicine cabinets and tub-side shelving, we’ve started integrating ledges for keeping useful items at hand,” says Erin. “It’s a simple, modern detail that works really well in bathrooms and looks terrific when wrapped with tile or natural stone.”

Floating vanity

5 Floating vanities (and not just in modern styles or spaces)
A lot of the bathroom design trends for 2014 tend to revolve around keeping things clean, simple and practical, and this one is no exception. “Floating a vanity off of the floor and eliminating the legs is such an effective way to give the feeling of more space,” says Erin. “Plus, it’s very practical for cleaning and a great opportunity to showcase beautiful flooring.” For smaller spaces, there’s still the option to incorporate quite a bit of storage into floating vanities – look for the paneled doors that you would see on a traditional vanity, just without added legs.