Looking For A School In Durham Region of Ontario

Its That Time of Year Again.  Help Prepare Your Child For Back To School

  • Re-establish school routines by helping the kids get up and dressed at the same time every morning.
  • Eat meals and snacks around the same time as when the kids are in school.
  • Try and get the kids out the door around the same time as during the school year. Try going to the park, or go for a walk so that they are used to being ready to leave for the bus or walk to school.  Don’t forget to re-establish bedtime routines again.
  • Nurture Independence by having your child organize their school backpack,  practice writing your child’s name and tying shoe laces
  • Designate a place where school things like backpacks and lunch boxes go to avoid last minute morning rushes.
  • Setup time and place to do homework.
  • Plan after school activities or programs
  • Lineup someone to care for the child if he or she is ill.
  • Meet the child’s teacher and about their approach to Homework.
  • Sit down with your child and create a schedule for homework, TV Time, Video, Playtime and Bedtime Routine.

If you are new to the Durham Region, click on the link below for information on schools in your area.
Durham Catholic School Board
Durham District School Board