How Cool is This..

police carMy friends Heather and Jim go to my home town of  St. John’s, Newfoundland for a vacation. They go to signal Hill today and are greeted by “The Police”.  She gets Jim to take this picture because she doesn’t think I will Believe Her. 

signal HillThen they get picked as the”tourist of the week”. and Guess what, they will be picked up by Officer Foley, given a guided tour of St. John’s tomorrow, get to meet the mayor and probably will be given the key to the City.  What the heck.
This is Signal Hill
NOW Get this….They are staying with my Uncle, at my uncle’s home and where am I,  I’m here in Oshawa, Yup, do I get to go to St. John’s. Nope. Do I get to See my Uncle. NOPE. Am I jealous. You Betcha. This picture is part of the Harbour.
 NarrowsActually I’m really happy they are taking this trip. They are sending me up-to-date pictures and letting me enjoy their vacation by text messaging. Enjoy your trip around St. John’s tomorrow. Take lots of Pictures and keep the messages coming.
This is a picture of the Narrow of St. John’s Harbour.