Top 5 Creative Outdoor Ideas

No matter the size of your yard, your outdoor living space will work better together if you establish traffic patterns. You can do this in a variety of ways, including laying walkways, creating special nooks, using the space you have to the best of it’s abilities, creating focal points and adding colour.
Here are some ideas to think about before starting:

  • Create a beautiful visual oasis starting with laying beautiful large flat stones and inbed them in smaller rocks to make a pathway leading to the outdoor patio from your deck.  For a night-time look, line your path with planters painted in glow in the dark paint or hang lighting fixtures from the tress with inexpensive solar lights to give it a nice soft glow.
  • Clever furniture arrangement is all it takes to establish a variety of uses in one outdoor living space. You may want part of your outdoor living space to be more private than another area. Shrubs or dwarf trees are a softly textured way to accomplish that goal; containers planted with vines scrambling up a trellis are another good screening option.
  • We often overlook one of the largest ‘pieces’ of furniture in our yard: the fence. Create an outdoor kitchen using the fence as a shelf or a backdrop or put mirrors on your fence framed in antique window frames to make your yard look bigger.  For a piece of fancy, drill holes in your fence and replace them with marbles for a splash of colour and a conversation piece to be talked about for years!
  • Imagine a room without walls, choose a focal point for your ‘room’ outside and build around that piece.  You may have a waterfall feature in your yard, or a beautiful antique rug you want to showcase, or even a chair or sofa that is unusual. All these pieces will help unify the space and create a relaxing mood.
  •  Adding colour is also a great way to add life and flow to your backyard.  Whether it is colour from the throw pillows, area rugs, blankets, furniture or plants and flowers, colour will add just the right ambience for any occasion.  And the best part about it is that you can change the look by changing the colour.

Create the look you want with the pieces you have and let your imagination run wild!