Get your house ready to sell

Now that September’s here and the kids are back to school and out from underfoot, it’s a great time to start getting your home ready for a future sale. Whether you’re thinking of getting in on the active spring market, or even putting it on the market later next year, there are many things that can be done now to help you earn top dollar for your home when the time comes. Here are some inexpensive but effective ideas that are perfect for fall weather:

  • Plant bulbs this fall: You can maximize your curb appeal next spring by planting bulbs in fall. Daffodils, Hyacinth and Crocus planted close together will provide a dramatic burst of colour. Avoid flowers with a short blooming window, such as iris or bulbs that will bloom later in the summer such as Day Lilly or Dahlia.
  • Hold a Garage Sale: Take advantage of the weather while it’s still warm and foot traffic is at it’s best. Be ruthless and put out anything that you don’t want to pack to take into your next home. Remember, buyers are looking for spacious interiors, so that clutter could be costing you money!
  • Complete any exterior painting: You’ll be too busy with other priorities next spring to take on this time-consuming task. Why not ease your stress by tackling it now? There’s also the added bonus that there are fewer bugs around right now to annoy you and complicate the painting process.
  • Use landscaping to improve a view: Do you want to screen the view of your neighbour’s property? Fall is an ideal time to plant evergreen trees, or transplant shrubs that have entered their dormant phase. Remember to prune and trim those trees and shrubs that are obscuring your windows.
  • Organize your garage: Buyers will want to see space, not all your stuff. It’s hard to visualize a nice car or two being parked in the midst of clutter. Invest in some shelving, wall racks, or even cupboards and get organized!

Some work now can really reduce your stress later, when you’re ready to put your home on the market. With these tasks out of the way, you’re ready to move to indoor tasks over the winter. If you’re wondering what’s worth doing, contact your Coldwell Banker real estate professional and get the benefit of their expert advice. There’s no obligation to you and you’ll learn how to maximize your time and your dollar investment to get a great return when sale time comes around. Who knows? By the time the kids are finished this school year next June, you could already have sold and be moving into your next home!